School exchange between children from Heinz Galinski Elementary School in Berlin and children from Miriam Lundner Elementary School in Halberstadt   Just how quickly children can build bridges was demonstrated when a group of third-graders from Berlin came to Halberstadt on June 12, 2012. Accompanied by their teachers Ms. Schwarz and Ms. Christ as well as Dr. Hartmann, the principal, the children were given a heartfelt welcome as soon as they got off the bus in Halberstadt, where they were met by the third-grade homeroom teachers Ms. Tangermann and Ms. Pohler, the principal, Dr. Oelmann, and of course the children. Gifts were exchanged and each child from Berlin was presented with a chain from a Halberstadt third-grader that made the two partners for the day. In a discussion circle at school, the children had a lot of interesting things to tell each other about their respective schools, about Miriam Lundner, their favorite subjects, and their families. The Berliners were amazed when they were given a tour of Halberstadt – by a bandit! He had to wait for quite a while in front of the town hall for the children, who were having too much fun at school to leave. Finally Daneil the Bandit was able to show them around town, seasoning his stories with funny jokes. The local host children were also called on to introduce their guests to their hometown and answer their questions. The visiting children were particularly taken with the sword hanging from the Liebfrauenkirche church, which is still smudged with blood, or so they say… Meanwhile, Ms. Dick, head of the Moses Mendelssohn Akademie, and her industrious assistants were setting tables for lunch in the garden of the academy. The kosher food was tasty; after some initial hesitations and cautious taste-testing, the Halberstadt kids helped themselves too. Goodbyes were sweetened with a “See you soon in Berlin,” where the children were to meet again in 2013 to celebrate Purim together.